Pink Range: Part Of The Whole Truth by Shamique Marie Spivey

As Sorai Madison enjoys the privileges of a life of luxury, just beneath the surface a secret is brewing. Just completing her PhD in Psychology at the age of 31 she is enjoying life in Harlem, NYC. She has a great job, amazing condo, beautiful life, and a huge sense of accomplishment. She has two loving parents, a caring best friend (Lea), and new man (Marcus)who came into her life two years ago. Sorai’s older brother Twain is her main concern in life. After years of trying to talk him out of his life of hustling she has given up and accepted him for who he is. But unbeknownst to Sorai her new man is actually a FED who is in her life as an undercover agent trying to build a case against her brother Twain. Many people in Sorai’s life are not who they seem to be, experience her journey to uncovering who’s who…….

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