Wealthy & Wicked by Chris Renee

Tracey Robbins has it all: money, successful, business, and a closet a girl would kill for. St. Louis is her playground as everybody who wants to be somebody tries desperately to be in her circle. However, living the young, black, and privileged life comes with perks that could turn the purest hearts wicked, just for a chance to be like her.

The unannounced arrival of Tez, a sexy seemingly no good thug, sends her life in a downward spiral that no one saw coming. Soon after, she finds herself the center of a devious plan to ruin her life. Betrayal runs deep as the people the closest to her begin to show their true colors. With her back against the wall, she finds love in an unlikely pair of arms. Will that love be enough to save her, or will she remain lost in the pursuit of wealth?

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