The Truth Be Told / First Achievements by African Americans by Samuel Midgette

I am very interested in contributing to your Black History Program. I have a series of books titled, “The Truth Be Told.” My book series concentrates on minority history, achievements and the power of knowledge. The “Truth Be Told,” is designed for an educational curriculum however, anyone that wants to further their knowledge about history would enjoy this series.

Minority individuals do not have a full picture of achievements that they have contributed to society. Without knowing all the good a particular race or nationality has contributed, it is difficult to draw a healthy self image. My books bring all the worthwhile contributions that African Americans, and Haitians have played a factor in American history. If you are never taught anything other than the negatives or entertainment value of a race, then you will lack the resources of positive mentors to inspire and motivate. Young minds thirst for role models and are looking for goodness to emulate. The “Truth Be Told” is eye-opening, relevant and inspirational reading materials that would serve young minds and your mission well.

Of course it is my suggestion to choose several of the books to offer a more comprehensive and accurate depiction of minority achievements. However, implementing any good thing is effective too. The beauty of this series is that it allows children a clearer reality of their own people or of races that have been historically slated in a non positive way. When a mass majority perceives a whole race of people as underachievers, troublemakers, ne’er-do-wells, and entertainers at best, it often restricts ones’ borders. Hope is a beautiful thing. When children know that there are true opportunities to be had, it enlarges their thinking and expands their borders and they begin to believe they are valuable and even capable of doing better socially and economically. They begin to see that they too, can accomplish their dreams. History and accurate history filled with people that have used their minds, creativity and ingenuity to knock down those doors is an inspiration that they may never get from anywhere else. This is the purpose of my series, to educate and to inspire vision!

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