The AntiChrist Was Conceived in Queens by A. Jesus Wrighter

He’s the offspring of an ancient, unholy union. She’s a pawn in a high stakes, prophetic game of deception. When he accidentally kills his father an avalanche of unforeseen circumstances turn their worlds upside down and threatens the ultimate salvation of an entire species. On the run for their lives and desperately craving information only his father can provide, he tries to raise him from the dead. But will even a miracle resurrection be enough to satisfy his longing for real relationship with his father and restore order to his universe now spun out of control? And will their baby turn out to be the antichrist?

In a heart stopping romp through the streets of New York City, The AntiChrist Was Conceived in Queens manages to carve out a new genre, the BUFF novel (biblical urban faith fantasy), while following the transformation of Rain Reynolds, a New York City public school legend with real angel’s blood in his veins, and Lisa Vickers, a former D.C. anchorwoman turned pastor with a secret, from immortal basketball icon and crack news investigator to enlightened spiritual emissaries and perhaps their kind’s last real hope to find a place in heaven. And as usual the way to enlightenment goes straight through the dark.

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