Foolproof: A Woman’s Guide to Self Love, Strength, and Relationships by Karissa Thomas

Foolproof: A Woman s Guide to Self-Love, Strength, and Relationships is to every woman that needs to protect herself from herself and the world, through newly awakened, self-assured eyes. Men, relationships, lies, and your self-worth are just a few of the topics that we explore in this upbeat, real-world look at the modern woman s life. The message is simple: Take ownership of yourself and don’t let anyone play you for a fool. Follow the sixteen rules for becoming foolproof. The fairytale ended a long time ago, and now it s time to get the respect you deserve. You are more powerful than you think, so let the world see you for who you are: knowledgeable, effective, radiant, and worthy of respect.

New You Publishing
July 14, 2012

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