How to Get Real About Dating by Lauren and William Hamilton

How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter’s Guide to Finding Love at Any Age
by Lauren and William Hamilton

Hamilton Writing
Available September 19, 2011 in Paperback

Isn’t it time that you started seeing major results on the dating scene?

Lauren and William Hamilton offer a fresh, hip point of view in their book How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter’s Guide to Finding Love at Any Age. They are the best team dedicated to improving your dating game without forcing you to change who you are!

With Lauren representing the new school, she’s here to say that you can still date and have fun while dealing with student loans, budget restrictions, career goals, a tough economy, monthly expenses, and all of the things that pop up in life as a younger person.

For the old school crowd, William’s 30+ years of experience as a Ladies’ Man turned happily married father of three has given him the knowledge of what it takes to find long-term relationship success. He believes you can still find love even with kids, divorces, a full-fledged career, and any other baggage that comes as you get up there in age.

“Our book is a dating guide that helps single people come up with a personalized game plan that suits their lifestyle, regardless of age or income level.” Everyone deserves to find love and How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter’s Guide to Finding Love at Any Age does that plus much more.


William Hamilton
was raised by two wonderful parents who have been together for over 50 years. They always taught me the importance of family and my childhood was a great one. Growing up around their love and support made me see the importance of family and commitment at a young age. Right after college, I married and started a family. Not too long into it, I was divorced. I realized that I was ready for another marriage and focused on dating. I turned into a Ladies’ Man and enjoyed having fun, being with women, and sharing their company. Over the years I have dated many women, been married three times, and learned a lot about myself. As a man in his 60’s who is happily married with three children, I enjoy giving advice to my kids about love and life. I’d say after six decades, I finally figured out what it takes to have a healthy, fulfilling long-term relationship. But if it wasn’t for those failures as a Ladies’ Man, I’d have no clue.

Lauren Hamilton, at the age of eighteen, I was dateless, obese, and very lonely. Food was my best friend until one day something clicked in me and I decided to change. I lost over eighty pounds, started to wear nice clothes, made friends, and flirted. In other words, I found my DATING MOJO. Since my transformation over six years ago I have dated many people and been in relationships as well. Now, at the age of 26, it’s all about dating while focusing on me. As a younger person, there are many things to think about: career, home, bills, debt, etc. Adding a long-term relationship or a major commitment will distract from those things. That’s why it’s important to keep YOU as number one. At the same time, it’s important to create a good foundation for dating techniques and strategies so that you know what it takes to one day have a successful relationship. Despite what you’ve gone through in your life, you can improve your dating game. It doesn’t what your age or income is. YOU can do it, just like I did!

How to Get Real About Dating: A Father and Daughter’s Guide to Finding Love at Any Age

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