July 2012’s Bestselling African American Books

Here are the bestsellers for African American books that came out in July 2012 (from Amazon.com).

  1. She Was A Friend of Mine by Jasheem Wilson
    (Unique Entertainments, 2012-07-24, Kindle Edition)
    Scheyenne Iverson was as normal a girl could be growing up in East Palo Alto until her thirteenth birthday. As a present she receives a dead family and a missing brother who mysteriously vanished around the same time the fire consumed her family. Shi battles with love, depression, friendship, betrayal and grief in this tale of revenge. When Shi snaps and decides to be a victim no more. She soon finds herself in the middle of the drug game married to the man who just might have killed her family. A victim of the streets Shi refuses to be next. With no one other than her best friend who’s been with her since birth Shi finds out the hard way why it’s wise to keep your enemies close…and your friends closer?


  2. Unfaithful (Krystal) by Soweto Satir
    (Brothahood Entertainment, 2012-07-14, Kindle Edition)
    Krystal is back, she’s older, smarter, wiser and her son is growing up. Can he save his mother from a life behind bars? Can he hold his family together? Love, intrigue, betrayal….nobody could predict the way this book comes to an end!


  3. The Corruption Chronicles: Obama’s Big Secrecy, Big Corruption, and Big Government by Tom Fitton
    (Threshold Editions, 2012-07-24, Hardcover)
    In 2008, Barack Obama made a promise to have the “most transparent administration” of any U.S. president; it was the very cornerstone of his campaign. No secrets. No masks. No smoke and mirrors. No excuses. But over the next four years, President Obama’s administration would prove to be one of the most guarded and duplicitous of our time. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, America’s largest nonpartisan government watchdog (challenging George W. Bush as well as Bill Clinton), has been investigating Obama ever since he splashed onto the national scene in 2006. Now Fitton exposes devastating secrets the Obama administration has desperately fought—even in court—to keep from the American public. For a while, the Obama stonewall seemed to be holding. Until now. And the revelations are astonishing.


  4. The Mercy Seat (The Freedom Baptist Trilogy) by Alvetta Rolle
    (Ellechor Publishing House, LLC, 2012-07-02, Kindle Edition)
    Going from raunchy to redeemed is not easy. When 19 year old prostitute Sofia Douglas walks into Freedom Baptist to reconcile with her mentally abusive foster mother Julia Aaron, she is met with much more than she bargained for.Although befriended by an elderly church mother by the name of Ruth Stills, she begins to fall for Ruth’s son Xavier who is handsome, caring, a minister… and married. Sofia begins an endless cycle of trying to stifle mutual feelings for a married man of God, and combat the bitterness of a mother who has her own issues, both spiritually and psychologically.With the arrival of the mysterious Sofia walks at the last night of revival, Xavier Stills and Felecia’s already troubled marriage takes a tumultuous turn for the worst. Felecia and Xavier now have to fight to save their diminishing relationship, even as they try to ward off the temptation of yielding to outside influences.


  5. The Communist by Paul Kengor
    (Mercury Ink, 2012-07-17, Hardcover)
    In his memoir, Barack Obama omits the full name of his mentor, simply calling him “Frank.” Now, the truth is out: Never has a figure as deeply troubling and controversial as Frank Marshall Davis had such an impact on the development of an American president. Although other radical influences on Obama, from Jeremiah Wright to Bill Ayers, have been scrutinized, the public knows little about Davis, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party USA, cited by the Associated Press as an “important influence” on Obama, one whom he “looked to” not merely for “advice on living” but as a “father” figure.


  6. Dream Team: How Michael, Magic, Larry, Charles, and the Greatest Team of All Time Conquered the World and Changed the Game of Basketball Forever by Jack McCallum
    (Ballantine Books, 2012-07-10, Hardcover)
    They were the Beatles of basketball, the Mercury Seven in sneakers.   In Dream Team, acclaimed sports journalist Jack McCallum delivers the untold story of the greatest team ever assembled: the 1992 U.S. Olympic Men’s Basketball Team that captivated the world, kindled the hoop dreams of countless children around the planet, and remade the NBA into a global sensation.   As a senior staff writer for Sports Illustrated, McCallum enjoyed a courtside seat for the most exciting basketball spectacle on earth, covering the Dream Team from its inception to the gold medal ceremony in Barcelona. For the duration of the Olympics, he lived with, golfed with, and—most important—drank with some of the greatest players of the NBA’s Golden Age: Magic Johnson, the ebullient showman who shrugged off his recent diagnosis of HIV to become the team’s unquestioned captain and leader; Michael Jordan, the transcendent talent at the height of his powers as a player—and a marketing juggernaut; and Charles Barkley, the outspoken iconoclast whose utterances on and off the court threatened to ignite an international incident.


  7. Ski Mask Gang by Boo Jackson
    (2012-07-27, Kindle Edition)
    Nasir has been friends with Desmond and Damon since high school. They chased girls together, played sports together, and committed robberies together. Knocking over convenience stores was the thing to do when they were kids, but greed caused them to raise the stakes and attempt to knock over a bank. As the saying goes “There’s no honor amongst thieves.” Come take a look into the lives of these three young men and see just how true that statement is.


  8. With This Kiss (Welcome to Nottoway) by Candice Poarch
    (Candice Poarch, 2012-07-03, Kindle Edition)
    When Phoenix Dye returns to Nottoway, Virginia, after an eleven year absence, little did he know that the bothersome triplets who live across the road from him are his children by the only woman he has ever loved.Karina Wallace once believed in love, too, but all that changed after that one incredible summer spent with Phoenix. He disappeared without a trace, leaving her pregnant and alone. Now he’s back and she’s torn between telling him the truth or leaving things as they are. She feels Phoenix will only be in town for a short time. Why let the triplets fall in love with him only to be heartbroken when he leaves? But when she is blackmailed, will she be forced to tell him the truth?


  9. They Call Me…Montey Greene (The Montey Greene Action Thriller Series) by A.R. Yoba
    (GhettoSuburbia Entertainment, 2012-07-03, Kindle Edition)


  10. Already Taken by Love Lee
    (Dahl House Publications, 2012-07-08, Kindle Edition)
    Being the wifey of a dope boy is no easy task, just ask Fallon Hall. Late nights, early mornings, and broken promises were all that she’d ever known with Cash. Fed up with feeling like the mistress while the streets were his main chick, she broke things off with him. Now a year later, Fallon still can’t get Cash out of her head and neither could he. A chance encounter with Cash reveals that he is finally ready to make his exit from the streets and marry the woman of his dreams. There’s only one rift in their fairytale ever after…What do you do when the woman you love is already taken by your older brother?


  11. The Sandcastle Girls: A Novel by Chris Bohjalian
    (Doubleday, 2012-07-17, Hardcover)
    The Sandcastle Girls is a sweeping historical love story steeped in Chris Bohjalian’s Armenian heritage.When Elizabeth Endicott arrives in Aleppo, Syria she has a diploma from Mount Holyoke, a crash course in nursing,  and only the most basic grasp of the Armenian language.  The year is 1915 and she has volunteered on behalf of the Boston-based Friends of Armenia to help deliver food and medical aid to refugees of the Armenian genocide.  There Elizabeth becomes friendly with Armen, a young Armenian engineer who has already lost his wife and infant daughter.  When Armen leaves Aleppo and travels south into Egypt to join the British army, he begins to write Elizabeth letters, and comes to realize that he has fallen in love with the wealthy, young American woman who is so different from the wife he lost.Fast forward to the present day, where we meet Laura Petrosian, a novelist living in suburban New York.  Although her grandparents’ ornate Pelham home was affectionately nicknamed “The Ottoman Annex,” Laura has never really given her Armenian heritage much thought. But when an old friend calls, claiming to have seen a newspaper photo of Laura’s grandmother promoting an exhibit at a Boston museum, Laura embarks on a journey back through her family’s history that reveals love, loss – and a wrenching secret that has been buried for generations.


  12. If I Can’t Have You by Mary B. Morrison
    (Kensington Books, 2012-07-31, Kindle Edition)
    What really makes a man plunge headlong into obsession? And what does he do past the point of no return? New York Times bestselling author Mary B. Morrison delivers a seductive, mesmerizing tale of “love” gone dangerously wrong. . .Madison is my woman. She needs me. This is the mantra Granville Washington constantly repeats to others, including the friends and family who beg him to respect Madison Tyler’s demand that he leave her alone. Sure, Granville knows they’re as different as can be. He’s a construction worker, ball-and-chained to the Houston grid, while brilliant, beautiful Madison runs her own multi-million dollar company. But he also knows she can’t resist the way he kisses every inch of her just right. After only three months, Granville is sure she’s everything he desires in a wife. If Madison only knew the real him, she’d realize they belong together. And he’ll do anything to make her his. Forever. What part of “I’m not in a relationship with you,” didn’t Granville understand? No matter how direct Madison is, Granville just doesn’t get it. He was fine when it came to putting in overtime burning up the sheets, but that’s where their connection ends–or so she thinks. Once the stalking begins, Madison files a police report. She’s determined to take her life back. But once she moves on for real, Granville has a surprise for her. . .when she least expects it. Madison is about to discover just how far he will go to have and to hold her. Whether she wants him or not.


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