Knuckleheadz by C.J. Hudson

Ghetto girls birth em. Hood rats love em. Society fears em. Police target em. And the penitentiary welcomes em.

From the coochie to the casket, these trouble making band of misfits wreak havoc on the community. They are loyal to no one but themselves and not even death can scare them. They are untamed, untrained, and worst of all, unchained. They run through the city with reckless abandon and perform unspeakable acts of random terror on innocent, law abiding citizens. They are the definition of trouble makers. They are…Knuckleheadz.

Antwan, the ring leader, is a twenty year old malcontent with big dreams and small money. Ever the optimist, Antwan won t stop reaching for the moon until he s touched the stars. Temp, his fiery, quick tempered partner can t seem to keep it in his pants and because of it, the majority of his money goes towards paying for abortions. Bishop is the only member of the crew to be employed on any level, albeit part time. He likes being part of the crew but is getting increasingly tired of some of their antics. And when a tragic turn of events leaves him holding a smoking gun, his loyalty to his crew is severely tested. Niko has his own set of problems. Hanging out with his comrades provides him with his own personal fortress of solitude, far away from the pain of his abusive mother. Chris is the quiet one of the crew. He doesn t say much, but he s always down to put in work.

Guard ya grills…The Knuckleheadz are on the loose.

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