2012’s Bestselling African American Books for the Kindle

Here are the upcoming Amazon Kindle bestsellers for African American books (from Amazon.com).

  1. Merry Christmas, Alex Cross by James Patterson
    (Little, Brown and Company, 2012-11-12, Kindle Edition)
    It’s Christmas Eve and Detective Alex Cross has been called out to catch someone who’s robbing his church’s poor box. That mission behind him, Alex returns home to celebrate with Bree, Nana, and his children. The tree decorating is barely underway before his phone rings again–a horrific hostage situation is quickly spiraling out of control. Away from his own family on the most precious of days, Alex calls upon every ounce of his training, creativity, and daring to save another family. Alex risks everything–and he may not make it back alive on this most sacred of family days. Alex Cross is a hero for our time, and never more so than in this story of family, action, and the deepest moral choices. MERRY CHRISTMAS, ALEX CROSS will be a holiday classic for years to come.


  2. The Twelve Tribes of Hattie (Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 Digital Edition) by Ayana Mathis
    (Knopf, 2012-12-06, Kindle Edition)
    The newest Oprah’s Book Club 2.0 selection: this special eBook edition of The Twelve Tribes of Hattie by Ayana Mathis features exclusive content, including Oprah’s personal notes highlighted within the text, and a reading group guide.
    Ayana Mathis tells the story of the children of the Great Migration through the trials of one unforgettable family. In 1923, fifteen-year-old Hattie Shepherd flees Georgia and settles in Philadelphia, hoping for a chance at a better life. Instead, she marries a man who will bring her nothing but disappointment and watches helplessly as her firstborn twins succumb to an illness a few pennies could have prevented.  Hattie gives birth to nine more children whom she raises with grit and mettle and not an ounce of the tenderness they crave.  She vows to prepare them for the calamitous difficulty they are sure to face in their later lives, to meet a world that will not love them, a world that will not be kind. Captured here in twelve luminous narrative threads, their lives tell the story of a mother’s monumental courage and the journey of a nation.  Beautiful and devastating, Ayana Mathis’s The Twelve Tribes of Hattie is wondrous from first to last—glorious, harrowing, unexpectedly uplifting, and blazing with life. An emotionally transfixing page-turner, a searing portrait of striving in the face of insurmountable adversity, an indelible encounter with the resilience of the human spirit and the driving force of the American dream.  


  3. Guilty Pleasures by Niyah Moore
    (Ambiance Books, 2012-12-12, Kindle Edition)
    WHAT’S YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE? Married lawyer, Hassan Walker, can’t seem to get enough of the Sugar Hill Gentleman’s Club, as he is in love with Jada James, a sultry dancer with an alter ego, Cinnamon. Unable to shake the taunting images of her out of his head, Hassan can not even have sex with his own wife, Roxi Walker, without envisioning his Sugar Hill temptress. Meanwhile, Roxi can no longer hide the secret affair that has swept her away from reality. Given an ultimatum to stop cheating or to lose her husband for good, Roxi tries but cannot seem to fulfill her husband’s request completely. Once all of the guilty pleasures start coming to light, Hassan, Roxi, Jada along with Ivan, Victoria, and Dawn will stop at nothing to cover up their dirty little secrets.


  4. Hated by Many, Loved by None by Shan
    (SBR Publications, 2012-11-15, Kindle Edition)
    Jahzara, Honey and Tomeka are best friends til the end. The three of them would die for each other and have always had each other’s back. They each desperately wanted better lives and were willing to work extra hard in order to attain it. Relationship issues in their personal lives bring the girls closer together than ever before- especially when Jahzara brings a business proposal to the table. Betrayal, lies, jealousy and murder is only the beginning of what they have to overcome. Will they succumb to it all or will they rise above it and find their way out?


  5. A Cinderella Story: Book One (The Come-Up) by CE Ryan
    (CE Ryan, 2012-12-17, Kindle Edition)
    Jayda Monroe knew she deserved more out of life than her menial, thankless job and constant struggle with money. Wanting more for herself had always left her disappointed, until finally, she took a leap of faith and decided to start living on her own terms and calling her own shots. Enter Shane Morris, the hottest hip hop star in the music world; there is nothing his money can’t buy and his wealth seems to be limitless. And the moment he lays eyes on Jayda, her entire life begins to change. Follow this ambitious young woman on her quest to live abundantly, be indulged shamelessly and become a BOSS in her own right.


  6. Ti Amo (Battaglia Mafia Series) by Sienna Mynx
    (The Divas Pen LLC, 2012-12-12, Kindle Edition)
    Book 2 in the Battaglia Mafia Series (Book 1 – Destino by Sienna Mynx)Let there be war…Don Giovanni Battaglia will have his revenge. A bloody Mafia war has ravaged the southern region of Italy. Every man, woman, and child born under the name Calderone must be made to atone. That is the law. After two years of blood and bullets, the men sworn to follow without question find themselves wanting peace. But how can there be peace when the one person able to save their Don from the destructive path he is on is beyond their reach. Or is she?Mira Ellison lives…It’s 1991 and Mira has learned how to begin again. Her best friend is dead, and the fashion empire she built from scratch is now gone. All she has left is the fleeting memory of a bittersweet love, and a mocha-brown baby with her father’s eyes. She now has one single goal, to survive. She must protect her baby and hide from the Mafia men she is convinced are out to kill her. But is it all a lie? Soon Mira finds herself confronted by her past, and face to face with the man she loves but doesn’t trust. And Giovanni Battaglia is furious. He gives Mira a choice. She can become his Donna or be his enemy. And this time Mira has more than her life to lose.


  7. The Warmest December by Bernice L. McFadden
    (Akashic Books, 2012-01-15, Kindle Edition)
    The long-awaited reissue of McFadden’s best-selling second novel praised by Toni Morrison, USA Today, Washington Post, and others–published simultaneously with McFadden’s new novel Gathering of Waters.”[A] masterpiece . . . full of heart and emotion . . . I hope you love the book as much as I did, and I hope it moves you as much as it did me, changes you as it did me.”–James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces, from the new introductionFor Kenzie, growing up in the Lowe household means opening the bottom drawer of her father’s dresser to choose which belt she’ll be whipped with that night, furtive trips to the Bee Hive liquor store for her father’s vodka, and dreaming of the day she can escape apartment 5A.Buoyed by the lyrical, redemptive voice that characterizes McFadden’s writing, The Warmest December tells the powerful, deeply moving story of one Brooklyn family and the alcoholism and abuse that marked the years of their lives. Narrated by Kenzie Lowe, a young woman reminiscent of Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John, the story moves fluidly between the past and the present as she visits her dying father and finds that choices she once thought beyond her control are very much hers to make. The Warmest December is ultimately a cathartic tale of hope, healing, and forgiveness.


  8. The Ultimate Merger (Hot Latin Men) by Delaney Diamond
    (Delaney Diamond, 2012-07-13, Kindle Edition)
    Two workaholics slow down long enough to find love when they least expect it.Renaldo da Silva is on the verge of entering the U.S. market with the purchase of a hotel in downtown Chicago. After working hard for several days straight, he heads to a local bar and sees a woman who instantly makes him reconsider how to spend his evening.When another one of her male counterparts unfairly becomes the lead on a project, Sabrina Porter leaves work intent on drowning her sorrows in wine and loud music at a local bar. Instead, she meets a sexy Brazilian who’s intent on showing her a different way to unwind.The Ultimate Merger is a short story. It’s the prequel to Second Chances, Book 4 of the Hot Latin Men series.


  9. Unique by Nikki Turner
    (St. Martin’s Griffin, 2012-10-30, Kindle Edition)
    With only two hundred dollars, Unique packed her suitcase and headed to New York City for a brand new start.  It’s there that Unique meets big time boxing promoter, Kennard and it is love at first sight.  However, after nine months of living in the lap of luxury with Kennard, skeletons from Unique’s past show up and it will cost her a cool million dollars to not only keep her relationship but her life.  But Unique isn’t about to lose it all.  With the help of her best friend, she devises a major heist and to pull it off all she has to do it stay alive. 


  10. Uncle Catfish by Chandra Borden
    (Bergerdergan Publishing LLC, 2012-10-31, Kindle Edition)
    I’m a daddy’s girl. But that wasn’t always the case. For years I used to run to my father’s arms, squealing “Daddy, Daddy,” with hopes of stealing his heart. In return, Len Earle Woods would greet me the way he greeted everyone, with a laid back demeanor and a cool-dude smile. I wasn’t a daddy’s girl at that point. I was just another kid.But it would take one visit from Uncle Catfish, the summer before my eighth grade year, to change all of that.


  11. A Gangsta’s Bitch Pt 1 by Leo Sullivan
    (Sullivan Publications, LLC, 2012-08-08, Kindle Edition)
    Gina Thomas is a gangsta’s bitch, down for whatever. Even after her man, Jack Lemon, is sent to prison, Gina does what she has to do for herself and her man. When Jack wins his appeal, vengeance is no longer just for the lord.Follow Gina as she rides out for her man, and shows how a real Gangsta’s Bitch gets down.


  12. Daddy Dearest by Kevin Bullock
    (2012-08-29, Kindle Edition)
    After Carl “Hammer” Bobbit was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, he became obsessed with his daughter, Cataya.
    Through his best friend, Ron, he controls every aspect of her life. He regulates where she goes, what she watches on T.V and who she hangs with. He knows that Cataya hates him, but his fatherly instincts won’t allow him to lighten up, or confess to his guilt.
    Now that Cataya is a senior in high school, she has been living with her father’s mother ever since her own mother had been found murdered twelve years prior. She has very little contact with her mother’s side of the family, but has learned through them the truth surrounding her mother’s unsolved death.
    She proves that she’s cut from the same cloth as her father when she formulates an icy plan that would punish Hammer for the role that he played in her mother’s death. But she gets side tracked when Hammer escapes from prison and give the real meaning to Daddy Dearest.


  13. The Cartel 4: Diamonds are Forever by Ashley
    (Urban Books, 2012-11-01, Kindle Edition)
    You thought The Cartel was over, but Diamonds are forever. . . .The Diamond family has survived murder, deceit, and betrayal. Through it all, they’re still standing tall, and a new era has begun. After surviving a failed attempt on her life, Breeze has moved into the queen’s position by Zyir’s side. Zyir has taken over the empire and locked down Miami’s streets. He has the world in his palms, but there is always new blood ready to overthrow the throne. Young Carter has retired and moved away from the madness—that is, until he gets an unexpected visitor at his home. This person shakes up the whole family, causing chaos that threatens to bring down the Cartel for good. New York Times bestselling authors Ashley and JaQuavis deliver the highly anticipated fourth installment of the wildly popular Cartel series.


  14. Fifty Shades of Jungle Fever (The Ghetto Girl Romance Quadrilogy) by L. V. Lewis
    (Jungle Fever Press, 2012-10-30, Kindle Edition)
    FIFTY SHADES OF GREY to the second power meets Keisha and Jada from the Block. If you’ve wondered how an ethnic girl from the hood might’ve handled an arrangement with an experienced white Dominant, this is your book. If you’d like to see the sexiest TWIN DOMS in a contemporary romance series in interracial relationships, this is most definitely your book. Aspiring recording studio owners, Keisha Beale and Jada Jameson, score a rare meeting with venture capitalist Tristan White, and are thrust into a world beyond their wildest imaginations. Street-wise Keisha is startled to realize she wants this rich white man, despite the certainty that he is out of her league. Unable to resist Keisha’s sassy, irreverent, and fiercely independent spirit, Tristan knew from day one he wanted her, too–as his first African American submissive. Upper Class Jada of the Springfield Jamesons has traveled in almost the same circles as the White brothers, and has had a secret crush on Nathan White, the point guard for the Chicago Bulls, for quite some time. Both brothers have succumbed to jungle fever, and want a little coffee in their cream. Lured by Tristan White and his offer of fronting the capital for her business in exchange for kinky sex, Keisha finds herself with no other option. Keisha is also tortured by a demons from her past, and her inability to come to terms with them threatens to undermine the future of her business and her tumultuous, unconventional relationship with Tristan White. Erotic, amusing, and in places hilarious, the Ghetto Girl Erotica Trilogy is a parody with a unique take on a Fifty Shades-type story that will take you even further into the BDSM world, and promises to make the vanilla original Fifty Shades Blacker. The first two books focus on Keisha and Tristan’s romance, and the final two focus on Jada and Nathan’s.


  15. Hood Love by Leondra LeRae
    (, 2012-10-09, Kindle Edition)
    Jonnae is tired, tired of her trifling dude Chink & tired of her chaotic home life. The chance meeting of Capo turns things from upside down to good all around. Take a ride with Jonnae as she realizes your first love isn’t always real love & that hood love can be a good love.


  16. Salty: A Ghetto Soap Opera (Drama In The Hood) by Aleta Williams
    (Alana’s Book Line, 2012-03-28, Kindle Edition)
    This Intriguing, Sassy, Grimy, and Envious Ghetto Soap Opera is filled with street drama that will put you right in the mix of the madness…. At the end, you may even feel “Salty” yourself!To some, the city of Los Angeles is the home of the “Angels”; “that’s bull crap”, says the characters in this ghetto soap opera. Los Angeles for them, is the home of the “Scandalous” and only those that’s down for and ready for whatever will last…Jazz is a seventeen year old, sassy, diva who strives to carry herself with class and dignity. Thanks to her ego struck boyfriend, and envious cousin,she soon finds out that classiness will get you nowhere, but humiliated and heartbroken. Peter went from a nobody to a somebody: money, cars, and big butt light skin girls now make up his worth. Peter isn’t blind to the fact that he is being used; he just doesn’t care. It’s not until he steps on the toes of a known grimy gangster from Compton, that he realizes how dangerous these females really are. Pam can tell you first hand that “love don’t love nobody”, and that you have to love yourself first. After all, love is the reason she contracted the incurable.Follow the drama as it takes you on a world wind of events that will leave your mouth open and have you lusting for more.facebook.com/SaltyAGhettoSoapOpera


  17. Juicy- Pandora’s Box by Nicety
    (, 2012-08-25, Kindle Edition)
    Growing up in an abusive home took a toll on Chicago twin sisters Pandora and Diamond and their 16-year-old sister, Lexi. An overbearing, controlling father pushes them to the edge and when enough became enough, they devised a plan to get out of his grasp for good. Sun was their unsuspecting victim and everything seemed to be going according to plan until Pandora decided to change the game. Now with blood on their hands, a newfound business and two suitcases full of cash, Pandora thinks she is sitting on top of the world. Forbidden fruit is tastier when it’s not rightfully yours as she pursues Diamond’s crush, Kojack, under false pretenses. Lexi is only 16 but her love of Yompers keeps her feeling grown and sexy as she does any and everything she wants while still trying to remain loyal to her sisters. But that is all tested when Pandora shows her sisters that blood isn’t thicker than water. Will Pandora remain on top or will she crash and burn? Find out!


  18. Poison in the Shadows (Crimson Murder Mysteries) by J. K. Crimson
    (Manic Books, 2012-05-01, Kindle Edition)
    After nearly being fatally shot and left for dead in the grim streets of Detroit, ex-stripper, now turned homicide detective, Jordan Crimson, is still haunted by her past demons of when her street hustling boyfriend killed her best friend ten years ago. She had been successful at moving on while working around the clock solving murders to take her mind away from the emptiness and regret in her life. Until the body of Samantha Cox is discovered. As Jordan uncovers Samantha’s secret life of lies, sex, and betrayal, the past demons she thought were buried, are back once again. Will her investigation lead to Samantha’s killer or face to face of her own death?


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