Back 2 Business (Candy Shop 2) by Nicety

**Part 2 picks up right where part 1 left off as Messiah and Red find themselves in the middle of a showdown. After Skid picks up the pieces and straightens out the situation as he normally does, he finds himself struggling with a few decisions of his own. Messiah wonders if starting the business back up is the right thing to do and finds himself in the middle of a tug of war. Braze realizes she wants her baby to have a complete family and is willing to do just about anything to get it. Red starts to wonder if she and he were meant to be while Skid plays his hand. An old flame decides to fight for what’s rightfully hers, Messiah. This sequel is explosive! The Candy Shop brings out the worst in people. Find out who stays afloat in this installment.

Back 2 Business (Candy Shop 2)
Black Cherry Publishing
February 21, 2013


Kindle Edition
Candy Shop by Nicety
Black Cherry Publishing

Nothing is what it seems at The Candy Shop. Your wildest dreams could be achieved or your worst nightmares could be confirmed. There are half naked women walking around working and so-called bouncers making sure nothing gets out of order but this establishment is not a strip joint, it’s storage facility.

Redina Hawkins’ childhood was anything but ordinary. After witnessing her parent’s brutal slaughtering, she escaped and was left no choice but to live on the streets alone. She stole, assaulted, and ate out of garbage cans just to survive. But her run in with an old friend, Messiah “Big Meech” Torres, brings about a new life that she could have never dreamed was possible. A job offer and newfound love brings about more money and more problems for Red as a chick she works with, Zadie, sets out to make her life a living hell. Jealousy, envy, and greed rule this love triangle. If Zadie doesn’t have her way with Big Meech there will be hell to pay. Meanwhile he struggles with issues of his own issues with his wife Alexis, who takes him for granted. Journey into the Candy Shop where nothing is as sweet as it seems.

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