New Urban Fiction Author Yani Debut Novel, A Thug’s Redemption

Kindle Edition
When Jamal decides to take matters into his own hands by avenging his best friend’s murder, he is forced into the street life, forever in debt to his cousin Samir, one of Philadelphia’s biggest drug lords. After finding love; separating himself from the game, and turning his life around, fate comes into play when a desperate act by his younger brother Shawn, brings back the haunting night from Jamal’s past. Secrets are revealed, and Jamal is forced back into the street life to save his brother as well as himself. In this story about friendship, love, and the dangers of North Philly streets, Jamal will soon learn that mistakes are hard to clean up and they will cost him dearly in the end.

I released her novel, A Thug’s Redemption under my own Anitbeet Productions. Written at the age of 15 while attending University City High-School, my first work of fiction explores inner city youths’ struggle with gun violence claiming the lives of their family and friends, drugs, which plagues their neighborhoods, as well as the on-going battles they each face in their destructive homes. It is an all too familiar tale for anyone who has lived in Philadelphia as well as other inner cities around the country. A Thug’s Redemption takes a look into why so many young Black men are becoming victims of genocide and how gun violence has become the number 1 killer of Black men across the country.

The first installment of this page turning trilogy is a tale of how one young man’s need for revenge causes a ripple effect like a pebble in a pond. Jamal has the unfortunate experience of witnessing his best friend being murdered after a fight between himself and another North Philly teenager ensues. Seeing himself as the blame, he decides to take matters into his own hands by seeking revenge on the culprit. With the help of his cousin Samir, one of Philadelphia’s most notorious and well-connected drug lords, Jamal lays his own life on the line to avenge his best friend and kills the gun-man responsible for the slaying. Jamal finds himself forever in debt to his cousin Samir as an on call street soldier. But the love affair between himself and a fellow classmate, Tamera Harrison, humbles his destructive nature and lures him away from the street life.

When a desperate act by his younger brother Shawn, brings back the haunting night from Jamal’s past, secrets are revealed and he is forced back into the street life to keep his brother from going to prison for a murder he didn’t commit. Reverting back to his street mentality ways, Jamal will do whatever it takes to protect the people around him, even if it means killing again.

In recent studies, from 1980-2008 47.4% of Black men were victims of a homicide. Of the 47.4%, 52.5% of them were killed by another Black man. The number of Black children, young Black teens and Black men who were killed by gun violence in Chicago from 1990-2009 was more than 13 times the number of Black men lynched by White men from 1882-1968! Of the amount of deaths in 2008-2009, 45% were young African American males between the ages of 15-19, killed by gun violence.

Although A Thug’s Redemption is a work of fiction, it gives a perspective into situations that contribute to these staggering statistics; the need for revenge, the need for respect, the need to protect love ones and the need for power and money. Though many non-violence advocates believe that better gun laws would stop some of the violence committed against one another, I believe that it truly starts with us, our respect for human life and making better decisions.

I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa and am an aspiring author who enjoys entrapping my readers inside of my literary world and having them fall in love with the characters while relating to their stories. I have been featured on Yo! Raps website and showcased as author of the week on Authors & Readers Book Corner as well as the Hottest Urban Fiction website. I’ve has also recited my poetry in the past on the local Hip-Hop and R&B radio station, Power 99FM. To learn more about me or to view my press kit, visit

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