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Books of Soul (booksofsoul.com) is devoted to the writers, readers, and publishers of African American culture through the promotion of its books and authors.

Books of Soul publishes announcements of upcoming and newly released books from African American authors and about African American culture.

This is a site for authors to find new readers and reviewers. Here you can generate the necessary publicity and promotion so that potential readers, library patrons, and reviewers can become familiar with the author and with a new work. Share your press releases, promotional videos, and appearances, as well as your printed prose or your ebook here.

Readers, here are the announcements of new and soon-to-be released books so that you can plan your purchases and look forward to the releases of your favorite authors.

Authors, here is the forum for not only promoting your new work, including your book-signing and tour dates but discussing them with your fans and potential readers.

Publishers, here is an avenue to feature your authors and their works and your publishing events. Share your release announcements press releases as well as trends and insights in the publishing industry.

Bookstores, here is your opportunity to showcase book signing events taking place at your store and promotional events that your store participates in or sponsors.

And, let’s not forget our new authors, illustrators, and poets! If you are planning to self-publish or would like to make contacts with readers or publishers, Books of Soul is the resource and vehicle for realizing your dreams.

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