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Sharina Simone, is an adult/children fiction writer from New York. She has been inspired by various authors in all genre's. Growing up she mainly read romance and horror. A strange combination that has helped developed her unique style. "I love the idea of mixing life’s obstacles with a dash of drama, a cup of humor, ounce of mystery and here and there a few sprinkles of love, passion, and murder!" She stated in a recent interview. Over the years Sharina has freelanced for several publications and is the creator of the upcoming children's novel series "Kung Foo Reggie" and "Mandy Moo" with adult titles including "Love Me When I'm Crazy" and the upcoming release of "Roughnecks" fall 2013.

Love Me When I’m Crazy by Sharina Simone

As secrecy and guilt threaten to shatter her world no one’s life will ever be the same…..

 Terra Miller spent years building a life to be envied. With two beautiful children and her handsome husband Paul who worships the ground she walks on, a thriving career and a picturesque home in the burbs life should’ve been perfect but something was missing. Feeling lost after many years of marriage her affection for Paul become’s severely tested. There’s a part of her heart that’s locked and Paul’s key is no longer working.

While searching for answers she ends up in a compromising position with Weldon her first love. Overlooking Weldon’s troubled past Terra abandons her better judgment and is once again seduced by the three L’s…. love, lust and longing.

In the midst of this turmoil, Terra unlocks childhood memories of an unwanted touch by an abusive relative. At the same time Weldon wonders if their last night together years earlier could have resulted in the birth of her son and Paul fights to hold together what he’s worked so hard to build – his family!