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News affecting the publication, promotion, and selling of African American books

Press Release: Site Announcement (August 2008)

Press Release Launches Website for Authors and Readers of African American Books

Los Angeles, July 29, 2008: Books of Soul launches a free website for authors to promote their new books to readers of African American fiction, nonfiction, and children’s/young adult books.

For authors, the website offers the opportunity to feature their soon-to-be published or self-published works. Authors can provide cover art, release dates, and a synopsis of the work, including reviews. Moreover, authors can provide announcements of their appearances and booksignings, celebrate their reviews and award nominations, and interact with their readers and fans. And, all of this can be done free of charge.

“The website is essentially a promotional service for authors,” says Eric Brasley, founder of Books of Soul. “We want to provide a free service to authors and poets to showcase their interest in African American culture and African peoples and issues. In doing so, we think readers, publishers, agents, reviewers, librarians – everyone involved in the publishing industry – will find the site a valuable resource.”

Readers will be able to search the site for books of their interest. With new authors and new books, readers can find a variety of new works that they have heard about, look for their favorite authors, or just peruse the site for upcoming works. They can offer their comments and reviews to the author and to other prospective readers.

The website is a virtual community for those interested in African American and African culture: Book clubs, book stores, writer’s workshops and conferences, publishers, and libraries can freely announce their meetings and author events. This is another venue for these organizations to promote themselves to authors and readers and to share their insights on topics affecting the African American publishing industry.

Founded in 2008, focuses on sharing new and upcoming releases of books and other literary works about African American and African cultures and supporting the authors, publishers, bookstores, book clubs, and libraries who share the same interest.

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News: Black-owned bookstores vital

Originally published February 20, 2008 by Will Brown, Tallahassee Democrat

Amen-Ra’s preserves culture, serves as gathering place

Overall book sales may have climbed 7.4 percent in 2007, but that has not kept some large and small black-owned bookstores from suffering. Maryland-based Karibu Books, a well-known black-owned book chain that closed its last store Feb. 10, is the latest and greatest example.

Sharon Dennard frequently visited Karibu when she was in the Washington, D.C., area. She and her husband, Dana, are owners of Amen-Ra’s Bookstore in Tallahassee.

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