Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can new authors and writers make use of the Books of Soul site?

    First, Register! This gives you the opportunity to promote you and your book. It is another venue for you as an author to put press release-type information to announce the publication of your book, whether published or self-published.

    • By adding information to Books of Soul about your work, you can showcase your work to generate interest in purchasing it or getting it reviewed.
    • You can also add your schedule for appearances such as interviews and booksignings.
    • Use Books of Soul to engage with your readers and reviewers. Reply to comments and critiques, as well as add your review and comments about other author’s works.

  • How do I list my book?

    It should be as simple as entering your press release information! Register at Books of Soul. And then enter the following information as a post:

    • the title of your work as the title of the post
    • a cover image work (optional)
    • the title and author(s), including illustrators
    • the publication date
    • a brief synopsis
  • Literary Agents: How can I list information for my authors?

    After Registering at Books of Soul, literary agents and publishers can enter press release-type information about their author(s) and their new work(s) in a single post. In addition, author events, such as readings and signings can be listed as comments to that post.


    • Provide the title and a brief description of the work.
    • Provide a brief profile of the author.
    • Include cover images or a picture of the author.
  • How do I add an image to my posting?

    By default, you may not have permissions to add images to your post. You can send a request to upgrade your permissions to info@booksofsoul.com, especially if you plan to add multiple images. You can email the image to info@booksofsoul.com.

    Once you have permission, you can add an image very easily to your post. When editing your post, place your cursor where you would like the image to appear. Then, just above the text box, look for the Add Media followed by several icons:

    The first icon is the one that you want to select. (When you place your cursor over it, it should display “Add an Image.”)

      A browser window will open with options for you to load an image, e.g., From Computer:

    • Browse for and select the image on your computer
    • Add a title (Suggestion: add the title & author name)
    • Specify a Link URL (Suggestion: select None)
    • Specify the Alignment (Suggestion: select None)
    • Specify the Size (Suggestion: select Thumbnail)
    • Click the Insert into Post and you are done!

    Code for the image will appear in your post. You can copy/paste it to place it in a more appropriate spot if nicessary.

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