Get Your Book Sold!

Get Your Book Sold!

You’ve written your “best seller” and have gone through the long tedious steps of self-publishing, e-publishing or publishing your book by traditional methods. You sit back and take a long deep breath, wiping the sweat from your brow, waiting and watching the charts for your book to hit the best seller lists. Days, weeks and even months pass and there is little movement of your book. The publisher accepted your manuscript so they must be promoting it, right? Not necessarily. Most publishers just don’t have the time or manpower to individually promote each title they release. Below are a few suggestions to get your book out there and on its way to the best seller list. (If you have a literary agent, he/she should arrange promotions for you.)

Book Signings

  • Research local bookstores for ones that sell your genre. Remember not all bookstores sell every single genre out there, as many specialize in particular genres.
  • Make a list of at least five bookstores in your local area that sell your genre and call them. Tell them who you are, what you write and that you would like set up a book signing.
  • When you find a bookstore that is willing, set a date far enough in advance that you and the bookstore will have time to prepare and advertise.
  • Make sure the bookstore has copies of your book in stock. If not, be sure they are ordered so you have something to sign at your book signing. There is nothing worse than having a book signing and no books.
  • Arrive early to the book signing and help the staff as much as you can to set up. They will really appreciate it.


  • Go to local radio stations and ask to set up a time where you can be interviewed and announce your new book.


  • Contact Public Access networks and other local channels. Some will run blurbs for little to no money. Try to arrange to have an interview.
  • Prepare a brief concise overall view of your book, highlighting the major points that will draw interest but not reveal the major plot

Get Online!

  • Announce your works on Books of Soul!
  • Announce your works on a Yahoo group and My Space.
  • Create a blog. While this may be old news to many, blogs offer a versatility and interaction that may be more valuable than a standard website. And they can be easier to maintain.
  • Do a Virtual Book Tour. Rather traveling to bookstores and libraries, virtual tours are arrangements with blogs and websites to answer questions from the blogger and its fans. Contests and prizes may also be arranged. Expect some co-promotion of the event.

Social Media

Social Media websites are some of the more popular venues to share and receive information: They’re dynamic, interactive, and a good way to speak to people who share your same interests.

  • Twitter is a communication tool that allows you to have conversations with numerous people whether they share your interests or are simply interesting in their own right. It’s great limitation, or strength for that matter, is that it only allows you to communicate in 140 characters or less — To the point statements. No long diatribes. But, you can share links to longer blog posts, news items, or websites.
  • Facebook. A Facebook page can be created for each book where you can include details on the book, reviews from critics and breaking news related to you or your book. Like Twitter, Facebook can be used to announce events, to print reviews, to share interesting quotes from a book, all to build a following. The advantage of using Facebook is the discussion option built into the pages. With discussions, you can interact with fans to post and receive questions and feedback.
  • Create a blog and send out emails to everyone you know and request that they do the same.

Host a Launching Party

  • Have a simple, elegant party announcing the release of your new book.
  • Invite your publisher, agents, local librarians, anyone who can help spread the wordabout your book.

Remember whatever methods you choose, the point is to get the word out that you have an awesome book worth reading.

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