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A Wonderful Piece of Dark Mahogany by Ju Ephraime

Kindle Edition
Set in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, this is a story about love, passion and jealousy. Two men desire one woman and they’ll both do anything to claim her.

Charles thought he had an advantage working closely with Mel as he did. But he began to despair when Craig Holland appeared on the scene. Did he? Could he–stand a chance?
With his swarthy skin and golden eyes, Craig Holland could pretty much get any woman he wanted – but only one has captured his heart – Mel (Mellicent Molyneux). He wanted her to the exclusion of all else. If only he could get her to surrender to him, so he could unleash the passion he sensed hidden within her.

Mel (Mellicent Molyneux) had been pursued by men wherever she went. She had always been able to put them off with one of her condescending glances, until Craig Holland–The dark handsome plantation owner with the striking good looks and unusual eyes, had captured her heart with one smoldering glance. Should she surrender to his insatiable kisses and heated touch…? And then there was Charles…

The Zabime Sisters by Aristophane

On the first day of summer vacation, teenaged sisters M’Rose, Elle, and Celina step out into the tropical heat of their island home and continue their headlong tumble toward adulthood. Boys, schoolyard fights, petty thievery, and even illicit alcohol make for a heady mix, as The Zabime Sisters indulge in a little summertime freedom. The dramatic backdrop of a Caribbean island provides a study of contrasts — a world that is both lush and wild, yet strangely small and intimate — which echoes the contrasts of the sisters themselves, who are at once worldly and wonderfully naive.

Master storyteller Aristophane’s The Zabime Sisters takes a keen look at some of the universal experiences of children on the cusp of growing up, in the fascinating setting of Guadeloupe. Aristophane‘s bold, graphic brushwork weaves a wild texture through this gentle, clear-eyed tale.

First Second
Available October 26, 2010 in Paperback

The Seeds of Green Mangoes

The Seeds of Green Mangoes by Janete Scobie

The Seeds of Green Mangoes
by Janete Scobie

Date of Publication: December 2008

On the fictional island of St. Dominique, the story of the enchanting Creola Philogène begins, the last of a line of broken, bitter women betrayed by fathers, husbands, and lovers. Growing up in a small village, under the tutelage of a controlling grandmother, Creola dreams of a life beyond her tiny village and finding the father she has never known, a faceless figure that lives in France. More immediately, she dreams of experiencing that greatest taboo: sensual love. She meets a virile young painter for whom she seethes with desire, but fears her grandmother’s warnings – that yearning for the evil between her legs will only lead to utter destruction. However, desire and need speak louder than fear, and Creola soon makes a choice, one that has tragic consequences. Now free to follow her dreams, she leaves her island and embarks on a new adventure, but, again, fear takes over when she finds herself in a surging throng of humanity. Creola crosses paths with an older man who repulses her sexually, but attracts her with his air of strength. Believing he will be a likely protector, she marries him and travels to New York. The city is a raging beast, but Creola finds it far easier to deal with than her husband, who turns out to have a violent and brooding nature, harboring secrets of his own. She bitterly realizes that she is once more in a cage, one of her own making. This time, her freedom will not be given to her; she will have to fight for it. That freedom, she soon discovers, is not enough. To maintain it, she must achieve independence.

Woven with lyrical prose that sings Creola’s moving tale and breathes life into each character, this powerful story reminds us of the struggles of self-discovery as well as the trials and tribulations of journeying into womanhood despite the emotional hardships and taboos we carry with us from childhood.