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Honor Thy Thug by Wahida Clark

Paperback Edition:

Kindle Edition:

From New York Times bestselling author Wahida Clark, comes the highly anticipated next installment in the Queen’s Thug series. Fans will rush to this latest installment while new fans will be eager to discover Wahida Clark‘s unmatched melodrama.

A Murdered son. Shattered bonds. Forbidden affairs. Forced to choose one lover over another. A brother’s love tainted by deception. Blackmail. Hate. Lust. Love. Corruption. Four friends torn apart by treachery. The threat of going up against one of the most sophisticated and deadliest Chinese crime organizations. When there’s nothing left except a choice between war or death — there’s really no choice.

Honor Thy Thug
Wahida Clark
Cash Money Content
April 23, 2013

Ghetto Girls 6: Back in the Days by Anthony Whyte

BACK IN THE DAYS is a compelling finale to the Ghetto Girls Series. Two teen girls are drawn together and after sharing similar experiences, they become even closer. The mountain of tragedies that they have faced in their lives still threatens to push them over the cliff. Even when they feel they’ve moved along, In Ghetto Girls 6, demons from BACK IN THE DAYS continue to haunt. Coco and Deedee come face to face with the violence and issues of the past.

BACK IN THE DAYS, Rachel Harvey’s drug problems haunts her family and pains her daughter. Allegations of murder damages Eric Ascot’s career and the ongoing investigation by the authorities drains his bank account dry. He is forced to make a choice while capitalizing on the experiences of Coco and Deedee in the making of an epic movie.

Does he make the wise choice? How does Coco resolve her mother’s issues? Can Deedee survive time while living in the hood on a budget?

Only one thing’s for sure read BACK IN THE DAYS and you’ll see how their past shapes their future…

Ghetto Girls 6: Back in the Days
Anthony Whyte
Augustus Publishing
September 10, 2013

Knuckleheadz by C.J. Hudson

Ghetto girls birth em. Hood rats love em. Society fears em. Police target em. And the penitentiary welcomes em.

From the coochie to the casket, these trouble making band of misfits wreak havoc on the community. They are loyal to no one but themselves and not even death can scare them. They are untamed, untrained, and worst of all, unchained. They run through the city with reckless abandon and perform unspeakable acts of random terror on innocent, law abiding citizens. They are the definition of trouble makers. They are…Knuckleheadz.

Antwan, the ring leader, is a twenty year old malcontent with big dreams and small money. Ever the optimist, Antwan won t stop reaching for the moon until he s touched the stars. Temp, his fiery, quick tempered partner can t seem to keep it in his pants and because of it, the majority of his money goes towards paying for abortions. Bishop is the only member of the crew to be employed on any level, albeit part time. He likes being part of the crew but is getting increasingly tired of some of their antics. And when a tragic turn of events leaves him holding a smoking gun, his loyalty to his crew is severely tested. Niko has his own set of problems. Hanging out with his comrades provides him with his own personal fortress of solitude, far away from the pain of his abusive mother. Chris is the quiet one of the crew. He doesn t say much, but he s always down to put in work.

Guard ya grills…The Knuckleheadz are on the loose.

Around the Way Girls 8

Get ready for the latest streetwise installment of this off-the-hook street series, with sizzling stories told by three of your favorite authors! In Got Me Twisted, New York diva Ebony Queen heads south after her mother’s murder and tries to reinvent country bumpkin Reshunda — but it won’t be easy! In Arrested Development, Kelly joins the police force to get in the good graces of her love interest, Dante — but what happens when her brother gets out of prison and finds out her boyfriend is the same cop that brought him down? And in Greed, Jackie and her parents escaped the projects and now live the high life — but what’s going to happen to her if they get murdered? These latest Around the Way Girls stories will leave you breathless!

Around the Way Girls 8
by Tina Brooks McKinney, B.L.U.N.T., Meisha Camm

Urban Books
Available June 1, 2011 in Paperback

My Kinda Girl by Michael McGrew

Bobbi Williams dreamed his way to the top without acccepting failure as an option. From street hustler to a successful conman, he finds himself lost and confused when his best friend/sister is murdered in cold blood. After doing six-years in prison for a string of robberies, and now friends with his late sisters boyfriend James, they plan their way to the top together. when Bobbi is released from Atlanta State Penitentiary with a lot to prove and a legal hustling gameplan, his life begins to take a successful turn for the worst starting with a secret affair involving James finance, Jennifer . . . recognizing that she is his kinda girl. Bobbi has it all; the money, fame, a fantasy and a family until his past and unforseen jaw dropping karma catches up to him. “MY KINDA GIRL” is a tale that travels deep in the mind of a man with secrets that manifests into problems, too hard to live with, and death is the only way out!

Still Wifey Material by Kiki Swinson

Kira is back and needs to make up for lost time. After deciding to leave the Witness Protection Program she gets disturbing news that Quincy an old flame, Rhonda her business partner, Sunshine an old rival, and her grandmother were all murdered. Kira wants a new beginning so she moves to Houston, Texas with her cousin, Nikki in search of southern hospitality. Little does she know that the streets in Houston and the men who run them are just as dangerous as the hometown she fled.

Determined to prove that she is still wifey material, Kira jumps back onto the club scene in search of another sugar-daddy. When she meets Fatu, a Nigerian nightclub owner, her situation is instantly upgraded when he asks to marry her.

As Kira begins to make plans for her wedding, her cousin Nikki has plans of her own. Tired of always living in Kira’s shadow, Nikki is furious that once again Kira is walking away with the boss. Especially when she had eyes on Fatu first! Nikki is prepared to breakup Kira’s engagement by any means necessary but Kira has bigger problems. Fatu isn’t the legitimate businessman Kira thought he was. She’s uncovered confidential information about Fatu that he is willing to kill for in order to keep secret.

Fatu, the notorious crime boss has finally met his match and she’s a woman by the name of Kira!

Available November 1, 2010 in Paperback

Natural Born Hustler: A Novel by Nikki Turner

The reigning Queen of Hip-Hop Lit, Nikki Turner returns with a fresh and fierce tale sure to satisfy longtime fans and create new ones.

Desember Day is beautiful, confident, and smart. She has more game in the streets than a basketball player does on the court, and her boyfriend, Fame, loves every single inch of her. But unlike her mother, who has been in one bad relationship after another, Desember is not going to wait on a knight in shining armor to save her, and even her love for Fame can’t stand in the way of Desember selling anything and everything — legal or illegal — that can turn a profit, so that she never has to depend on a man. The only thing Desember feels she’s lacking is a father to call her own. And her mother refuses to tell Desember who he is.

When Fame finds himself at the wrong end of a gun, fighting for his life, Desember wants nothing more than to stand by her man, but Fame warns her from his hospital bed that she isn’t safe. Desember wonders if she was the real target. Her mother, concerned for Desember’s safety, arranges for her daughter to travel to Richmond, Virginia, to live with Desember’s father and his wife.And when her father’s identity is finally revealed, Desember learns that she is a Natural Born Hustler.

But are her troubles really over? Or is the worst yet to come?

One World/Ballantine
Available October 5, 2010 in Paperback

When the Cake is Made by Lisa Wu Hartwell

When the Cake is Made
Lisa Wu Hartwell (Author), Miasha (Author), Karen E. Quinones Miller (Editor)

Three Women, three disaster weddings, one dress burning ceremony and a connection that is deeper than anyone could imagine…

Sheryl, a battered and broken beauty, finally musters the strength to leave her abusive husband. Now, all she needs to do is win custody of their daughter. Remarrying a man who can help her do just that seems to be the answer until her ex shows up at the wedding to show her once and for all who has control.

Leslie, a no-nonsense, materialistic, opportunist is fed up with her married boyfriend, Frank. But that doesn’t stop her from giving him one more chance. And this time he proves his love for her is real with a proposal and access to his Titanium American Express Card to plan the wedding of her dreams. But in the nine months it took to plan her perfect day, her fiance was busy making a third baby with his wife. Will Frank join his wife in the labor and delivery room or will he meet Leslie at the altar?

Angie, an independent, free spirit, seeks out a man for protection after a dangerous encounter with a stalker. She is set up with Bobby Fuller, the host of a popular wedding show. Although they hit it off, she later realizes that it isn’t a man she wants. Too bad this realization comes at the couple’s live broadcasted wedding ceremony with hundreds in attendance and millions more watching.

Written with Miasha‘s trademark gripping action combined with the celebrity lifestyle Lisa Wu Hartwell knows all too well, this story exposes the dark side of wealth, fame, and power. A heart-wrenching tale with explosive twists that heighten anticipation of what every page will reveal, When the Cake is Made will have you on the edge of your seat to the very end.

Fifth Avenue Entertainment
Available November 1, 2010 in Paperback

Temptations of Desire by Clarence Nero

NuWorle Publishing
Available 02/18/10 in Paperback

Since the release of his first novel, Clarence Nero has become a superstar of the literary world. His words pulse with the energy of life on the street, and his stories brim with conflict and emotion. Now we’re proud to reintroduce his first urban classic, which explores a young man’s experience living in and eventually freeing himself from one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in America.

At one time, Desire in New Orleans was the pride of public housing, and generations of teenage Cheekie’s family had lived there happily and safely. But by the 1970s, the project has seriously deteriorated into violence, drugs and poverty. Despite its downfalls, Desire remained a neighborhood fueled by the people, and their vibrant energy and love of fun transcending their oppressive surroundings. But it’s still no place for a young boy, and all Cheekie wants is to get out. Described through his young voice, the neglect and the nurturing, the violence and the inspiration of Desire come alive as Cheekie grows into manhood, finally escapes and forges ahead on an inspiring journey toward personal and professional success. We think you’ll love Clarence Nero’s critically acclaimed first novel.